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Sexual Assault Survey

Please be as honest as possible when answering the following questions. Please do not put your name or any identifying information on the page. All survey responses are anonymous and confidential. Thank you for your participation!

Section 1

For all questions in Section 1, please circle the number that is most true for you, using the following key:
1- Strongly Disagree
2- Moderately Disagree
3- Neither Agree nor Disagree
4- Moderately Agree
5- Strongly Agree

1. The extent of the woman's resistance should be the major factor in determining if a rape has occurred.
2. Women often claim rape to protect their reputations.
3. Women do not provoke rape by their appearance or behavior.
4. Intoxicated women are usually willing to have sexual relations.
5. Even women who feel guilty about engaging in premarital sex are not likely to falsely claim rape.
6. Most women secretly desire to be raped.
7. Many women invent rape stories if they learn they are pregnant.
8. Men, not women, are responsible for rape.
9. A woman who goes out alone at night puts herself in a position to be raped.
10. Many women claim rape if they have consented to sexual relations but have changed their minds afterwards
11. A woman should not blame herself for rape.
12. A healthy woman can successfully resist a rapist if she really tries
13. Sexually experienced women are not really damaged by rape.
14. A woman should be a virgin when she marries.
15. It is acceptable for a woman to have a career, but marriage and family should come first.
16. Many women are so demanding sexually that one man just can't satisfy them.
17. Men are only out for one thing.
18. Men have a biologically stronger sex drive than women.
19. The primary goal of sexual intercourse should be to have children
20. Many times a woman will pretend she doesn't want to have intercourse because she doesn&'t want to seem loose, but she's really hoping the man will force her.

Section 2

Are you an adherent to a particular religion? Yes No

If yes, with which religion do you identify? ______________________________

How strongly would you rate your religious devotion on the following scale? (Circle the answer that is most true for you.)

1- I am not religious at all.
2- I consider myself to be an adherent of a certain religion, but I do not practice.
3- I consider myself to be an average adherent of my religion.
4- I have a stronger religious devotion than many people I know.
5- My religion is one of the most important factors in my life.

Section 3

Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible.

- Have you ever been sexually assaulted? If so, did religion have any consequences regarding this assault?

- Have you ever been accused of sexually assaulting another person? If so, did religion contribute to this situation in any way?

Gender: M F

Age: ___________